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Spin-off and start-up companies

Spin-off companies are founded by DVS researchers (both internal and external staff) who make their knowledge available for the sake of innovative activities aimed at enhancing research taking place at the Department.

Once a certain degree of sustainability has been reached, they are converted in innovative start-up companies. Spin-off companies have been established at the DVS since early 2008.

As of today, there are three start-up companies which had originally been established as spin-off companies at the University of Turin.

All companies have their roots in the development of research lines in various fields of Veterinary Medicine, which is the reason why they could initially be set up as academic spin-off companies. Because of their innovative nature, they are recorded in the chamber of commerce register of firms of Turin, under the "PMI innovativa" (innovative small and medium-sized companies) section.

Last update: 21/12/2021 14:38
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