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Teaching offer

The cultural and scientific project of the Department of Veterinary Sciences concerns all aspects of Veterinary Sciences, taking into account a variety of fields, such as care and management of animals, husbandry techniques, animal welfare, food safety, management and prevention of zoonoses and emerging diseases.

The Department's mission is to enhance advanced teaching, learning and research in Veterinary Sciences to the benefit of the health and quality of life of animals, human beings and the environment, while encouraging mutual cooperation and freedom of thought according to criteria such as equality, impartiality, continuity, participation and effectiveness, and in line with the "QualityPolicy". This process involves the entire organizational system, steering it towards the definition of goals to be reached and the organization of resources to be used for their achievement.

If you have a foreign qualification and want to enroll on a bachelor's, master's degree course at the University of Turin, please complete the Apply@UniTo online application procedure.
Consult the step-by-step registration procedure by following the instructions available on the Registration page for international students.

Choose the program that suits you best among those offered by our Department (on each website you can find courses by clicking on "Studiare" and then "Insegnamenti"):

The Department of Veterinary Sciences (DVS) is the only reference department for the following Degree Courses:

With regard to third level training, the DVS’s educational offer comprises five Specialization Schools (three of which are currently available), a PhD program and a second-level Master's degree in "Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability of the Milk Supply Chain".

Specialization Schools currently available:

Furthermore, the DVS contributes to the teaching offer of the following Interdepartmental first- and second-level degree courses:

The DVS also participates to a MOOC (Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Production in a Changing Environment) under the “EIT food” European platform, with the University of Turin being the only Italian university to participate as a core partner. The educational offer makes it possible to fully exploit professionalization aspects of food safety teaching at the international level.

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