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Continuing Medical Education (ECM/SPC)

The Department has obtained by the Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health) and by the Federation of Italian Veterinary Chambers (FNOVI) the accreditation to run Continuing Education courses, the so called "Continuing Medical Education" (ECM) and courses for the "Continuing Professional Development" (SPC), respectively.
Within this framework, the Department organizes conferences, seminars and courses (including webinar and distance courses) intended for graduates and professionals operating in the field.
These courses are regularly organized by the Department itself, or in collaboration with outside organizations and professional associations.

In order to manage the Continuing Education program, a dedicated Committee has been appointed with the commitment of coordinating the proposals and taking care of the agenda of the courses during the year. The Director for Continuing Education is the chairman of the Committee.

ECMs are held both at the Department of Veterinary Science and in outside structures, including the locations of the Specialization Schools. SPC courses are mainly represented by remote events by means of different e-learning platforms.
The Department has signed different agreements with outside professional organizations, associations, institutions within the veterinary field to organize and administer the courses.
Members of the teaching staff are frequently involved in the organization of continuing education courses. Nevertheless teaching staff can also include external experts, in the field of interest.

For any information/requests and to know scheduled events, please contact or visit the italian page.

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