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"1. Department Bodies are: a) the Council of the Department; b) The Director of the Department; c) Departmental Executive Committee. 2. The bodies of the Department are fully assigned with the organization and management of research and educational activities".

Prof. Domenico BERGERO - Tel +39 0116708527 - email:

"Art. 17 - Role and functions of the Departmental Executive Committee – 1. The Departmental Executive Committee is the proposing and executive body which works alongside the Director and provides assistance with regard to tasks addressed in art. 14".

Committee Members:

  • Director: Prof. Domenico BERGERO
  • Deputy Director for Research: Prof. Antonio D'ANGELO (vice Director)
  • Deputy Director for Teaching Affairs: Prof. Francesca Tiziana CANNIZZO
  • Representatives of Full Professors: Prof. Adalberto MERIGHI, Prof. Giuseppe QUARANTA, Prof. Carlo NEBBIA
  • Representatives of Associate Professors: Prof. Paolo ACCORNERO, Prof. Alessandra DALMASSO, Prof. Frine Eleonora SCAGLIONE
  • Representatives of Researchers: Dr. Gessica GIUSTO, Dr. Dominga SOGLIA, Dr. Cristina VERCELLI
  • Representatives of the technical and administrative staff: Dr. Giovanni PERONA, Dr. Chiara SFERRA, Sig. Lina TUCCELLA

"Art. 10 – Role of the Council - 1. The Departmental Council is the programming and managing body of the Department. It is responsible for approving objectives, assessment criteria and the three-year plan as per art. 11, paragraph b) of the University Statute; it plans recruitment needs (divided per scientific disciplinary sector) in terms of new teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff so as to ensure both research activities are carried out and the feasibility of the teaching offer, including any financial requirements related to them; moreover, it organises and manages research and teaching activities of teachers and researchers who are part of the department".

The Departmental Council is composed of:

  • the entire teaching body
  • representatives of technical-administrative staff
  • representatives of research fellows and postgraduate students
  • representatives of PhD students
  • student representatives.

As provided for in the Functioning Rules of the Department (Art. 14 - paragraph 5 and Art. 15 - paragraph 1), the Director shall appoint, with their consent, Deputy Directors and Delegates for the functions listed below:

Deputy Directors

  • Teaching Affairs - Prof. Francesca Tiziana CANNIZZO
  • Research - Prof. Antonio D'ANGELO


  • Students' activities - Prof. Elisabetta MACCHI
  • Students’ career - Prof. Alessandra DALMASSO
  • International Mobility and Internazionalization  - Prof. Enrico BOLLO, Dr. Daniele DE MENEGHI
  • Development Cooperation and International Collaboration - Dr. Daniele DE MENEGHI
  • Disabled students - Dr. Silvia MIOLETTI
  • Third Mission - Prof. Claudio FORTE
  • Continuing education - Prof. Emanuela VALLE
  • Didactic laboratories - Prof. Patrizia ROBINO
  • Computer Science - Prof. Mario GIACOBINI
  • Timetables and Classroom Management – Prof. Chiara SALIO, Dr. Raffaella DE MARIA, Dr. Laura ZAVATTARO
  • Orientation, Tutoring and Placement (OTP) - Prof. Claudio BELLINO
  • Ethics and Animal welfare - Prof. Antonio BORRELLI
  • Practical Training - Prof. Selina IUSSICH, Dr. Dominga SOGLIA
  • Quality assurance - Prof. Francesco FERRINI
  • Academic Staff - Prof. Tiziana CIVERA

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