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The Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Services for students Area provides administrative support to teachers and students attending the courses belonging to the Pole.

Manager: Laura Corradetti

Contact: Teaching and Services for Students Office

What we do:

  • Administrative support
  • Course, exam and graduation support
  • Course design, implementation and activation
  • Management of courses and calendar following university procedures
  • Support for course senior management
  • Departmental support for courses and students
  • Support for the School and special educational facilities
  • Managing activities related to teaching assignments


How to request assistance

Service DeskTeaching and students services/ (italian version)

Manager: Mara Ghiazza

What we do:

  • Guidance and advice on funding opportunities for research and innovation
  • Support for the correct management and reporting of national, international and regional research funding

Manager: Francesca Chiriotto

Buddy Project - Do you need suppor-TO?: a welcome and support service to international students to exchange students in mobility through the Erasmus+ programme or through a study abroad scheme.

The Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine Administration and Accounting Area provides administrative and accounting services to the structures belonging to the Pole.

Manager: Antonella Valerio

What we do:

  • Financial planning, change management, monitoring budget trends and close operations concerning university budget
  • Project accounting
  • Defining cash flow schedules
  • Monitoring the correct legal performance of accounting department
  • Active and passive accounting cycles including recording proceeds, issuing invoices, payments, PCC, VAT, inventories, making orders, liaising with third-parties
  • Purchasing goods and services, commissioning work, guaranteeing transparency and preventing corruption
  • Purchase planning
  • Drawing up contracts and ratifying travel expenses
  • Promoting continuous improvement in management

The Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine ICT, Web and E-learning Area provides technical support to people belonging to the Pole.

ManagerAngelo Saccà

What we do:

  • Workstation management
  • Content management on websites
  • Assistance and support for e-learning projects


How to request assistance

To request assistance, please make a request using our helpdesk system (italian version)

or write an email to

The Integration and Monitoring Area manages the integration, communication, process analysis and monitoring services; it supports the Collegial Bodies and the strategic functions of the Departments Directors. It also carries out the functions of Management Secretariat and External Relations.

Manager: Giorgia Iannicola

What we do:

  • Dissemination of information and communications within the Department, between the Polo Areas and the Departments
  • Preparation, distribution, publication, archiving of the minutes and related resolutions

ManagerGuido Boetto

What we do:

  • Management of logistics services in accordance with Management procedures and operating instructions
  • Support for event management

The Library of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences is located inside the Campus of Grugliasco, in Largo Paolo Braccini, 2.

For further information visit the website of Biblioteca di Scienze Agrarie e Veterinarie.

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