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Activities of development cooperation and internationalization of the Department of Veterinary Sciences (DVS-UniTO)

For any information and communication regarding the internationalization activities of the DVS-UniTO, you may use our institutional email:

Introduction / Historical notes

The DVS-UniTO (formerly Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Turin, FMV-UniTO) has a long lasting tradition of international cooperation with Universities and research centers in so-called developing or emerging countries. Since the seventies, the FMV-UniTO - based on the bilateral agreement between Italian and Somali Governments, together with other Italian Universities - has taken an active role in the establishment and management of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of the State University of Somalia, in Mogadishu. Several professors, scientists and technical support staff of the FMV-UniTO have actively participated to run the Faculty until its dismantlement in 1990, caused by the civil war.

FMV-UniTO/DVS has contributed with training activities and scientific support to research-development projects and to the implementation of technical activities of various institutions (national and international), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within the framework of bilateral cooperation programmes (e.g. in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Capo Verde, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Tanzania, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc). In return under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD students have benefited of the international cooperation focusing their degree thesis on subjects of interest (i.e. animal health and production) for the mentioned countries.
Over the last decade(s), the FMV-UniTO/DVS has been also involved in planning and developing cooperation projects financed by Piemonte Region, particularly within the framework programme for Food Security and Poverty Reduction in Sahelian Countries in West Africa. Such projects have been developed in collaboration with local institutions, NGOs and other associations active within the Piedmont administrative territory. In particular, within the activities of these "decentralised cooperation" activities, the FMV-UniTO/DVS has played an active role providing technical support to the City Council of Grugliasco for the project "The colours of development" (focused on the improvement of animal health and production) and to other local institutions and NGOs.

The international tradition of the former FMV-UniTO - now DVS-UniTO - continues nowadays through several bilateral agreements with Universities and research centers of African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Togo) and Latin-American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, and others). Both framework and specific agreements signed by DVS_UNITO, presently in-force, are listed at the webpage UniTo

More specifically, within the international collaboration (academic and scientific cooperation) between Latin America and Europe, the DVS has taken a very active role in the framework of the ALFA UE programme (institutional and academic support), in particular through the international SAPUVETNET projects (2003-2010). Although these projects are now formally concluded, some of the partner Institutions still collaborate very actively in research and teaching activities in the field of Veterinary Public Health/One Health. A further continuation of such activities is foreseen through the participation in International scientific associations (i.e. OHIN-Red Una Salud Intern. and Eco-Health International-European chapter).

The DVS-UniTO is presently responsible for some International Mobility projects (Teaching staff and Students) in the framework of academic agreements with the following Higher Education Institutions/Universities of Chile and Cuba:

  1. Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Production, University of Chile (FAVET-UCHILE), Santiago (Chile). Updates on teachers and students mobilities.
  2. Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University Austral of Chile (FCV-UACh), Valdivia (Chile). Updates on teachers and students mobilities.
  3. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, La Habana University of Agronomy (FMVZ-UNAH), La Habana (Cuba). Updates on teachers and students mobilities.

These mobility projects are financed with funds provided by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. The planned interchange activities and mobilities are still ongoing and will be concluded by 30th April, 2021 (extension granted until April 2021, due to the COVID-19 emergency).

Moreover, the DVS-UniTO is an active member of REEV_Med - “Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education of Countries around the Mediterranean-Réseau des Etablissements d’Enseignement Vétérinaire de la Méditerranée”; this International network, created under the auspices of the OIE (World Animal Health Organisation), is aimed to support scientific and academic collaboration amongst Universities and Schools of Veterinary Medicine in Countries from the Northern, Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean (North Africa, Balcans and Middle-East).

Some DVS-UniTO teaching staff and researchers are members of C.I.S.A.O. - UniTO (Inter-departmental Centre for Research and Technical-Scientific Cooperation with Africa).

The Centre is technically sustained by several Departments of UniTO who share mutual interest in different research areas focused on bilateral cooperation with scientific partners in African countries. Specific emphasis is given to transfer of sustainable technology, adapted research and training in various fields: e.g. renewable source of energy, animal health, animal production and livestock genetic resources ; optimization of animal productivity and crops preserving bio-diversity; milk hygiene and processing; optimal use of land, water and crops), including also dissemination activities and evaluation of the socio-economic impact of human activities.

Within the framework of the academic cooperation initiatives promoted by CISAO-UniTO, some teaching staff of the DVS did contribute to the training activities of the International master R.U.S.S.A.D.E. - Réseau des Universités Sahéliennes pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et la Durabilité Environnementale” (project EU EDULINK II, FED/2013/320-115), and now they presently collaborate in the training and management activities of the Erasmus+Capacity Building CLICHA - Climate Change in Agriculture).

In the following table, a selection of the major development-cooperation and collaboration projects is provided.

Table of Projects

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