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The "Città delle Scienze - From nature to technology" Project

The "Città delle Scienze - From nature to technology" Project was launched with the aim of presenting to both local institutions and the socio-economic system of Piedmont the guidelines of the project for the construction of the new Scientific Complex of the University of Turin. Located within the municipality of Grugliasco, the new Complex will stand next to the buildings where the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences and the Department of Veterinary Sciences are, and will host the following Departments: Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Sciences and Systems Biology, and Physics, which are currently located in Turin, Via Giuria.

Building on the description of activities carried out by the Departments involved and Departments’ research quality data, "Città delle Scienze - From nature to technology" outlines potential “research drivers” which might arise due to the Departments’ close proximity (both from a physical and geographical standpoint), along with possible connections between research and teaching activities. This is also why throughout the document particular attention is given to the most significant impacts that such an aggregation might have in qualifying activities to be carried out by Departments and possible developments with regard to interactions with the regional economic and productive system”

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