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Tutoring and student support

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The Orientation Service's objective is to provide guidance and assist fourth- and fifth-year high-school students in choosing their university course. The Service works alongside the Tutoring and Job Placement Service to provide support to students throughout their university career.

Discover all the initiatives organized by the School of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine.

Have a look to the first steps to get started: Orientation first steps

Student academic support is provided at different moments of their career track:

  • Entrance tutoring includes:
    • Meeting with the Director of the School, the Director of Department, The Vice Director for Teaching Affairs, the Delegate for Tutoring, Orientation and Placement, the Degree Course President, the Didactic Manager, the Head of the Student Secretariat and the Head of the Library. The session is aimed to highlight different aspects of:
      1. campus logistic;
      2. administrative items;
      3. access to learning resources;
      4. organization and learning outcomes of the curriculum.
    • A self-assessment questionnaire available at the degree course website to promote students learning and organization skills.
  • Tutoring during the course
    Each enrolled student is assigned a personal tutor among the teaching staff. Students are encouraged to contact their own tutor for counseling concerning   any issue/problem of their learning process.
    Tutorial sessions are scheduled for each class at the end of each didactic semester. The Didactic Manager meets students to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the didactic period. The Manager completes a report of the tutorial session and sends it to the Self Assessment Committee.
    The Didactic Manager is also the contact person to whom students may refer to signal episodes of grievances.
    Suggestions, comments and complaints can also be sent by fulfilling, anonymously, a dedicated form.
    The Campus School offers an onsite service for students’ orientation, tutoring and placement (OTP). A tutoring/placement desk providing specific information on traineeship periods and procedures is available twice a week.
  • Placement tutoring
    The Orientation, Tutoring and Placement service of the School provides support for facilitating graduating/graduates’ transition to the professional world. Initiatives include a session to learn how to draft an effective Curriculum Vitae, interviews and active job seeking techniques.

The Job Placement service aims at helping to bring together labor demand and supply by addressing both the local production needs and the needs of graduands and graduates of the School of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine.

Job Placement is an initiative of the University of Turin that fits within a broader national framework directed towards implementing Law No. 30/2003, which establishes that Universities may operate as employment agencies and therefore act as an intermediary between labour demand and supply for students and graduates.

To find out more about how to get ready to meet potential employers, please visit:

In order to ensure that requests are processed quickly, please contact the Job Placement Service during office hours.

Disabled students
The University of Turin offers different kinds of services for students with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Students with specific learning disability (SLD)
The University of Turin provides technical and/or didactic support, and also specialized services to students with specific learning disability (SLD)

The Delegate for disability and specific learning disability for Department of Veterinary Science is

Dott.ssa Silvia Mioletti
Via Paolo Braccini 2, Grugliasco (TO)
Phone: +39 011 6709112 - Fax: +39 011 6709138

For more information visit the section Students with special needs

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