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Coronavirus Emergency

During such a difficult time, the DVS wants to play its part, however small it may be. In order to do so, the DVS is ready to make its competences and know-how available to those interested. We are well aware that there are things we know little or nothing about, as is the case with COVID-19, a virus that is still poorly understood.

What are our goals? First of all, we intend to utilize the Departmental compentences. We study animals and their relationship with the human being, and these are the boundaries within which we intend to operate. If you have any question or want to know more about the veterinary profession and animals, and their relation with COVID-19, this is where you may find some answers. Thanks to the support of both great colleagues and the network and expertise of the most eminent academics and researchers of the world scientific community with whom we have cooperated over the years, we want to make everything we know available to you.

In spite of this difficult time, where people are somehow forced to work from home, we will try to keep this page up-to-date. The page has been divided into various sections so as to make consultations easier and as effective as possible. You will be able to learn more about outreach activities by DVS researchers and interactions between human beings, animals and COVID-19. Moreover, we have created a Facebook page, where we hope to make this difficult time a little easier, and a section where you can ask your own questions (Do you want to know more?).

We hope to be of any help, at least to those who are at home and wish to learn more about such a complicated topic.

The teaching body, the technical-administrative staff and the student community, in collaboration with IVSA Torino, they all support the fund-raising campaign for the ASL of Alessandria (Health Authority of Alessandria) and invite you to visit the relevant section on the FB page created along with IVSA Torino.

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