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Continuing education - Continuous professional development

The DVS is accredited to both the Ministry of Health for Continuing Education in Medicine (ECM) and the National Federation of Italian Veterinarians (FNOVI) for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It organises refresher courses, seminars and conferences (including online) that are part of both the Ministerial project for lifelong learning of graduates working within the health sector and professional refresher courses in Veterinary Medicine.
These events are organized on a regular basis and offered by either the Department alone or in collaboration with external bodies and Professional Associations.
A specific Committee has been appointed to manage the CEM program. The committee is chaired by the Training Director and is entrusted with the task of coordinating proposals and keeping the annual agenda updated.
Although CEM events are mostly carried out on the premises of the DVS, they may also take place in external facilities (e.g. Specialization Schools). CPD events are mainly provided remotely, via online platforms. In order to organize and host events, the Department has entered various agreements with organizations, professional associations, institutions and some departments of Veterinary Medicine of other Italian universities.
Teachers of the DVS are often involved in the organization of events. External experts may be specifically recruited as teachers when specific topics are dealt with.

For further information or attending events, please send an e-mail to

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