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One of the main shortcomings of the Italian university system lies in the huge gap between middle/high school and higher education, both in terms quality of preparation supplied by “scuola secondaria” and the “minimal pre-requisites” set by University and also in terms of availability of different study and research strategies needed for adequate university success.

This gap causes very serious problems to a number of students in their first year and often entails a troubled adjustments to match the required level of competence. This appears to be the main reason of the worrying phenomenon of university students failing to complete the degree course. Actually most unsuccessful students give up by the end of their first year.

The overall goal of tutoring is to enhance the study process and to provide extra academic support to all students throughout their years at university, including stimuli to an assiduous and active participation.

The entire staff of the Department of  Veterinary Sciences (Full professors, Associate professors and Lecturers) is committed to Tutoring. The Commissione Orientamento, Tutorato e Placement of the Agronomic and Veterinary Medicine School (Counselling Bureau) presides over their activity, which focuses on the follows:

Freshmen Assistance

  • offers integrative courses to those students that showed lack of suitable preparation in specific subjects as evidenced in the admission test,
  • organizes meetings with the students to introduce them to the scope of the degree course
  • organizes small-groups student meetings to provide relevant information about logistics, bureaucracy and administration

In Itinere Academic Tutoring

Each student may rely on a tutor to help him/her overcome all academic problems the student may encounter.

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