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Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques


The BA graduates are entitled to operate autonomously on technical activities concerning prevention, inspection and check for environmental hygiene and safety in life and job locations, food and drink hygiene, hygiene for public and animal health.

The goals of the "Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques" degree course are those stated by the Ministerial Decree DM 58/97, followed by the laws L. 42/99, L. 251/2000, and DM 19/2/2009 encl. 4.

In the Civil Service (Prevention Department of Local Health Authority  and Regional Agency for Environmental Protection)

They are knowledgeable about: hygiene and environmental security, food and drink safety, public health and animal health, with the role of Investigative Officer.

The BA graduate

  • collects evidence and notifies irregularities;
  • supervises and inspects the environment and the workplaces, and considers the opportunity to investigate for occupational risks and diseases
  • supervises and inspects the adequacy and security of workplaces and premises in relation to the activities taking place
  • supervises and inspects the quality of foods and beverages for human consumption and decides on specialized inspections
  • supervises and inspects the hygiene and health of animals and decides on the opportunities of further inspections
  • supervises and inspects the production of cosmetics
  • supports legal action in pursuing crimes against the environment
  • supervises and inspects whatever is regulated by law and norms concerning prevention in matters of health and environment
  • may work autonomously or in professional teams as planner and work organizer
  • can plan, enforce and assess quality of the action undertaken
  • can perform as researcher and consultant in public health institutions
  • can run courses for the training of staff and contribute to updating professional duties and methods
  • is prepared to operate both freelance and in a team in all the sectors of the National Health Service

In the private industry

 The BA graduate can organize and deal with work, environment and food safety as a:

  • Responsible for the plant’s services on prevention and protection
  • Coordinator of planning and building the site’s safety creation
  • Surveyor of technological systems
  • Certified ergonomist
  • Surveyor of environmental impact
  • Certified sound engineer
  • Counsellor for dangerous goods transport
  • Responsible for HACCP team in food companies
  • Surveyor and inspector of system quality management

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