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The School in Bovine Clinics

Learning Objectives
The aim of the school is to prepare graduates in Veterinary Medicine in the field of bovine clinics by theoretical courses, practical exercises and experiments, issuing the diploma of Specialist in Bovine Clinics.
The School has a term of three years and the subjects taught belong to the SSD provided for the training of the trainee. The maximum number of subscribers in the first year for the A.A. 2014/2015 is equal to 20 (twenty). The School Board has also allowed for the admission of no. 3 (three) students in excess as part of the suitable candidates reserved for staff from Public Institutions affiliated with the School as specified in the notice of admission.
Graduates in Veterinary Medicine of the old, new and newest system, who have the professional qualification, are eligible to take the entrance exam.
Structure of the Postgraduate School
Each year includes 60 credits of approximately 120 hours of class teaching and 360 hours of guided practical activities. At the beginning of each academic year the School Board prepares a detailed schedule including programmes, lectures and all the practical activities that will take place during the A.A. Practical work will be carried out both at the school facilities (seat of Moretta, seat of Grugliasco) and at external facilities identified by the school and mainly under the guidance of Contract Professors selected among freelance veterinarians who have been working for years in the field of Bovine Clinics. The locations of these activities will be preferentially in the Province of Cuneo and Turin, or in other locations identified by the School Board.

For more information about the school, please send an email to: aurelio.cagnasso@unito.it
Or read carefully the notice of admission available on the website (in Italian):
and the activation poster


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