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The Research Doctorate in Veterinary Science for Animal Health and Food Safety represents the 3rd step of University educational ladder. At the end of the educational path, our PhD students  are expected to have gained the ability to plan and carry out research projects as well as the ability to write papers to be published on peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The Research Doctorate mainly deals with some of the thematic priorities within important European projects such as Horizon 2020. Among our main research interests:

  • Safety and quality of animal products:
  • Health and welfare of farm and wild animals:
  • Health and welfare of companion animals:
  • Basic and experimental veterinary science studies of cellular growth and differentiation:

The Research Doctorate can benefit from the support of modern and well-equipped facilities including the Veterinary Hospital, a laboratory animal house, an experimental farm, and a didactic slaughterhouse; instruments available at these structures make sure that our PhD students carry out top level research at molecular level.

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