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According to European Union Directive 2005/36/EU, Italian regulations (D.M. n. 509/1999 and n. 270/2004, Dlgs 27/01/2012 n.19) and SOPs of EAEVE (European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education), the Department of Veterinary Science (DSV) pursues a policy of quality in order to raise satisfaction of expectations from all parties concerned in terms of successful communication of objectives and nature of policies of its teaching activity in conformity with the European standards set by the Quality Assurance Higher Education (ENQA) for higher education.

The DSV establishes  middle- and long-term objectives in accordance with its overall mission and that of the parties concerned; it plans the goals and undertakes all actions leading to their achievement and continuous improvement.

FMV pursues their realisation through the application of the System for Quality Management as stated by ISO 9001:2008 international regulations, which sees to the achievement of targets through the following strategies:

- client orientation prepares students to acquire and provide well-organised information to satisfy client requests

- definition and promotion of internal and external communication processes so that all parties concerned are made active participants in a context of mutual exchange of information and cooperation for transparent communication. DSV will keep its records of academic courses constantly updated and will make access to them easy to all users.

- planning and supplying services is geared on to constant innovation and improvement of the services supplied to stakeholders' satisfaction (students, teaching staff, administration, firms). Educational goals are constantly updated, internship is designed to respond to the requirements of all parties concerned.   

 - assessment of Activities: assessment is in-built in the designing of the services through the development of an opportune monitoring system; assessment is achieved with the application of automatic protocols.

 - continuous improvement: constant concern to improve services is based on a continuous survey of data, with a view to keep the degree course in accordance with EU standards.

DSV establishes the expected academic goals, makes sure that teaching is adequate to the goals for optimal student achievement.

Quality Policy involves all the organization, helping it to define planned objectives and to utilize in the best way  its human and financial resources .

The constant pursuit of quality has improved the operativeness of the Depertment of Veterinary Science of Turin University and has contributed to strengthen its overall prestige both nationally and internationally.

The Director
Prof. Giovanni Re

Certificate of registration 

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