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The art. 8 of the Functioning Rules of the Department of Veterinary Science - Organs of the Department – reads as follows:

"1. Department Bodies are: a) the Council of the Department; b) The Director of the Department; c) the Board of the Department. 2. The bodies of the Department are fully assigned with the organization and management of research and educational activities".


Prof. Giovanni RE - Tel +39 0116708527 - email: direttore.scienzevet @ unito.it


"Art. 17 - Powers and functioning of the Board - 1. The Department Board is the proactive and executive body that supports the Director. The Board assists the Director in all duties spelled out in Art. 14".

Board Members:

  • Director: Prof. Giovanni RE
  • Deputy Director for Research: Prof. Sergio ROSATI
  • Deputy Director for Education: Prof. Tiziana CIVERA (vice Director)
  • Representatives of Full Professors: Prof. Enrico BOLLO, Prof. Luca ROSSI, Prof. Alberto TARDUCCI
  • Representatives of Associate Professors: Prof. Paola SACCHI, Prof. Alberto VALAZZA, a member to be elected
  • Representatives of Researchers: Dr. Maria Teresa CAPUCCHIO, Dr. Paolo CASCIO, Dr. Mario MATTONI
  • Representatives of the technical and administrative staff: Dr. Patrizia PEILA , Dr. Paolo POLLICINO, Mr Gianfranco ZANUTTO
  • The Responsible of the Accountancy Office of the Department as Minuting Secretary of the Board: Ms Immacolata NUNZIATA



"Art. 10 - Powers of the Council - 1. The Department Council is planning and management body of the Department. It approves the aims, the evaluation criteria and the three-year plan relative to art. 11 paragraph b) of the Statute of the University of Turin; it schedules annually the recruitment needs (articulated by scientific areas) of new professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff, to ensure the development of research activities and the sustainability of the educational opportunities, as well as the connected financial needs; it organizes and manages the research and teaching activities of professors and researchers of the Department".



As provided for in the Functioning Rules of the Department (Art. 14 - paragraph 5 and Art. 15 - paragraph 1), the Director shall appoint, with their consent, Deputy Directors and Delegates for the functions listed below:

Deputy Directors

Education - Prof. Tiziana CIVERA

Research - Prof. Sergio ROSATI

Staff - Prof. Pierpaolo MUSSA


Student activities - Dr. Elizabetta MACCHI

Audiovisual Service - Prof. Marco GALLONI

Development Cooperation and International Collaboration - Dr. Daniele DE MENEGHI

Disabled - Dr. Silvia MIOLETTI

EAEVE and International Relations - Prof. Luca ROSSI


Educational laboratories - Dr. Patrizia ROBINO

Computer Science - Dr. Mario GIACOBINI

Timetables and Classroom Management - Dr. Paola BADINO, Dr. Sergio BELLARDI, Dr. Joana NERY

Guidance, Counselling and Job Placement - Prof. Claudio BELLINO

Erasmus Programme - Prof. Enrico BOLLO

Language Service - Dr. Daniele DE MENEGHI

Internship MSc - Dott. Marco GANDINI

Quality - Prof. Paola SACCHI

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