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The necropsy room is an area dedicated to the dissection of dead animal bodies and to the identification of the various pathologies.

It is furnished with tables and equipments to analyze specimens, electric saws for the examination of bones, winches for hoisting the dead bodies of bulky animals, refrigerating rooms and deep-freeze equipments for the storing of samples, wash basins, pressure cleaners, PCs for the filing of data and scales.

The room also hosts a motorized system for automatic selection of films to show in the teaching room.

Dressing/Cloak rooms lead to the necropsy room, for both students and staff. They are complete with wash basins, WC and shower services.

About 80 positions are available to enable staff and students to individually examine the dead bodies and parts of bodies in shifts, as didactically required.

Next to the necropsy room there are laboratories for the processing of the samples: such areas are furnished with tables and ventilators, and with aired cupboards for the storing of samples in formalin.


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