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In the seat of Grugliasco two collections of historical materials from the old Faculty of Via Nizza have been adequately accommodated. The first is what remains of the large collection of parasites collected by Prof. Edward Perroncito (1847-1936) with added some relics from the former Institute of Pathology, consisting of microscopes, microtomes, accessories for histology and surgical dissections , histological and pathological samples. There is an available website: http://museoperroncito.weebly.com/



In the second collection many relics, artifacts and books from the former Institutes and Departments were gathered; these items were identified as particularly significant at the time of the move from the old location. The breadth and completeness of this fund were severely compromised by the destruction caused by the bombing of the Faculty during the Second World War, nevertheless it was possible to witness the evolution of various disciplines. There is a collection of surgical and obstetrical instruments with some models invented by teachers of the School, the clinic is represented by diagnostic and therapeutic tools, such as the Forlanini’s pneumothorax. A section is dedicated to radiology, x-ray tubes and radiation protection tools. Many instruments used for chemical analyses, scales, glassware, spectroscopes, centrifuges, pH meters, colorimeters  etc. came from the laboratories of clinical medicine, animal husbandry, pharmacology and toxicology . There are valuable microscopes, microtomes, photographic and cinematographic equipment, along with some items related to the activities of the veterinarian in the civil and military environments.
This collection is undergoing reorganization and cataloguing, while the library fund has already been filed. There are guided tours to both collections on occasions of significant events, but also groups of students of Veterinary Medicine, students of secondary schools and primary school children were able to approach the history of veterinary medicine thanks to the old relics.



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