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Facility for the Production and Use of Experimental Animals

The facility is situated in the Grugliasco Campus, in the D pavilion of the C.I.S.R.A. and has 7 rooms for the growth and breeding of animals.

One room, with an anteroom, is specifically destined for the breeding of immunocompromised animals.
Two rooms are destined to quarantine and isolation.

Each local has a separate climatization set-up with the possibility to regulate temperature and humidity. Light is temporized and ventilation provides an adequate exchange of air.

A local is equipped with a washing machine designed for the washing and disinfection of animal cages.

A room for storage is equipped with a freezer for the depot of dead animals before disposal.

The handling room is equipped with:

  •   stereomicroscope
  •   infrared lamp
  •   ventilated hood for in-vivo experiments in sterility
  •   chemical hood for processing of biological and chemical samples
  •   laboratory bench with a dissection table in steel and a sink
  •   CO2 at low pressure  for the euthanasic suppression of animals
  •   fridge
  •   scale

Other rooms are: one office, restrooms, changing rooms with shower.

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