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The  Department has obtained the ministerial approval by the Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health)  to run Continuing Education courses, the so called “Life-Learning Medicine” (ECM). In this program, the Faculty organizes conferences, seminars and workshops intended for graduates and professionals operating in the field.

These courses are regularly organized and provided by the Department itself, or in collaboration with outside organizations and professional associations. A vice-Dean for continuing education has been appointed, with the commitment of coordinating the proposals and taking care of the agenda of the courses during the year.

ECMs are held at the premises of the Department or in outside infrastructures, including the outside locations of the Specialization Schools. The Department has signed several agreements with outside professional organizations, associations, institutions and Official Colleges of Veterinarians to organize and administer the courses.

Income from the registrations of the participants is used by the Department for ordinary expenditures and for the organization and implementation of other courses.

Members of the teaching staff are frequently involved in the organization of continuing education courses provided by veterinary institutions and associations other than the Faculty. The territorial units of the National Health Service (the so called ASLs) and some associations of practitioners are very active in this field and make regular use of selected Department teachers to define the scientific programs and contact valuable and appropriate lecturers.

Among other synergies, the regular collaboration with SCIVAC (Italian Cultural Society for Companion Animals) for organization and provision of courses in veterinary oncology, soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics is worth stressing here.

Furthermore, several teachers are requested as lectures on occasion of continuing education events organized by other veterinary Departments, institutions and associations in Italy and abroad. 


For further information, please contact ecm.veterinaria@unito.it


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