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The Department of Veterinary Sciences has two Computer Laboratories (located in the Lilac Building).The smaller is provided with 21 Computer stations for students and 1 for the instructor, the lager with 28 Computer stations for students and 1 for the instructor.All the Computer stations have the same characteristics and the same programs installed: those identified as instructor stations, in contrast with the others, are connected to a central video-projector system.

Computer Laboratory 1: 21 stations for students

The software typologies loaded in each computer are the following:

  • Office automation packages;
  • Feed formulation;
  • Statistical Analysis;
  • Pharmacokinetics

Computer Laboratory 2: 28 stations for students

These laboratories are used for teaching sessions, therefore, during the classes, students have free access to them. However, when the rooms are not used for teaching purposes, students may use them, by opening the doors with a special badge and they can access the Computer Laboratories in specific time frames.

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