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Interdepartmental course of Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health ScienceTorino 

Admission: The course admits a closed number of students


Study Plan and professional competence

The degree course introduces to:

  • the basic knowledge of the structure and function of biological systems, the logics of informational and integrative molecules;
  • the theoretical and practical tools for experimental action towards the use and manipulation of cells and their constituents, with a view to provide goods and services;
  • the mathematical foundations of the above, with the relevant grounding in statistics, computer science, physics and chemistry;
  • complement the scientific knowledge with contextual awareness, specifically with regard to the law and regulations, personal responsibility and bioetics, the financial issues and business management, with an introduction to how to communicate scientific research and action;

Learning objectives and career opportunities:
The BA graduate in Biotechnologies is prepared to perform in the several sectors of biotechnological production and in academic  research.

The graduate in this degree course acquires

  • A deep expert knowledge of molecular and cellular biology
  • The fundamental bases of mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, and chemistry Foundations in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics and chemistry
  • The technical skill to perform the experimental activity in the biotechnological field has been trained to perform action in biotechnology
  • The  Basic knowledge of the basic elements of economics, business management, bioethics

In order to achieve a specific education in different fields several  practical courses have been activated: biomolecular, industrial, medical, veterinary and plant biotechnology. These different courses, beside the theoretical work, provide laboratory activities. This degree will allow the student to enter in the productive world as a technician or to continue the University preparation in order to be able to develop scientific research in the specific fields

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