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Veterinary Pathology Unit

Description of Research Activity

Research activities involve several areas of interests, by means of histology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, morphometric analysis and electron microscopy. Other techniques include cell biology (primary and cell line cultures, viability and toxicity assays, cryopreservation), protein assays (immunoprecipitation, Western blot), molecular biology (PCR, real-time PCR, gene cloning) and immunoenzymatic assays.

The main research topics are summarized below:

  • Prof. Enrico Bollo and Dr. Frine Scaglione are investigating  pathology of wild and exotic animals, Salmonellosis in pigs, Tuberculosis of domestic and wild animals and setup and validation of immunodiagnostic tests. 
  • Dr. Raffaella De Maria and Dr. Selina Iussich, supported by a PhD student and a post-doc fellowship are investigating the pathogenesis of tumors of domestic animals. At present  their research activities are focused on the role of Tyrosine Kinases Receptors (TKRs) in canine and feline mammary carcinomas and osteosarcomas, on the expression of Tumor Associated Antigen (TAAs) in canine melanomas, and on the role of epithelial and myoepithelial cellular types in the progression of feline and canine mammary carcinomas. 
  • Prof. Bartolomeo Biolatti, dr. Francesca Tiziana Cannizzo, two post-doc researchers and a PhD student are focused mainly on reproductive pathology, molecular pathology applied to food safety, and evaluation of immune system in animal welfare. Main topics are gross and histological lesions induced by anabolics in target organs; biomarkers investigation to prevent the use of growth promoters in farm animals; resistance gene determinants in livestock.  
  • Dr. Massimiliano Tursi is interested in cardiovascular diseases of domestic animals, with special reference to morphological aspects of canine mitral valve lesions, and feline myocardial pathology, identifying the anatomical and clinical correlations of diseases. 
  • Dr. Maria Teresa Capucchio, supported by one PhD student and one post doc fellowship, are involved in neuromuscular pathology (pathogenesis of zoonosis; listeriosis, encephalitozoonosis, intervertebral disks pathology and degenerative myelopathy of dogs; brain tumour pathology; aging) and host-pathogen biological interactions in large animals (small ruminants pulmonary retroviruses; mastitis).


Staff of the Unit

Bartolomeo BIOLATTI  Full Professor bartolomeo.biolatti@unito.it
Enrico BOLLO Full Professor enrico.bollo@unito.it
Maria Teresa CAPUCCHIO Associate Professor mariateresa.capucchio@unito.it
Francesca Tiziana CANNIZZO Assistant Professor tiziana.cannizzo@unito.it
Raffaella DE MARIA Assistant Professor raffaella.demaria@unito.it
Selina IUSSICH Assistant Professor selina.iussich@unito.it
Frine Eleonora SCAGLIONE  Assistant Professor frineeleonora.scaglione@unito.it
Massimiliano TURSI Assistant Professor massimiliano.tursi@unito.it
Stefano AMEDEO Research Technician stefano.amedeo@unito.it
Daniele ARNULFO Research Technician daniele.arnulfo@unito.it
Laura CHIAPPINO Research Technician laura.chiappino@unito.it
Paola PREGEL Research Technician paola.pregel@unito.it
Alessandra SERENO Research Technician alessandra.sereno@unito.it
Renato VANNI Research Technician renato.vanni@unito.it



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