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Genetics Unit

Description of Research Activity 

The research of scientific sector AGR/17 concerns the following thematic areas:

  • Relationship  between milk protein polymorphism and milk composition and technological properties;
  • Analysis of polymorphic glycoproteins of the milk fat globule membrane; 
  • Use of molecular markers  in population genetics;
  • Study on candidate genes as potential  markers in order to improve resistance to mastitis;
  • Investigation on genetic markers useful for breed allocation in poultry.


Staff of the Unit

Paola SACCHI Full Professor paola.sacchi@unito.it
Roberto RASERO Associate Professor roberto.rasero@unito.it
Stefano SARTORE Assistant Professor stefano.sartore@unito.it
Dominga SOGLIA Assistant Professor dominga.soglia@unito.it
Chiara BIANCHI Technician chiara.bianchi@unito.it
Sandra MAIONE Technician sandra.maione@unito.it
Pier Carlo PORPORATO Technician piercarlo.porporato@unito.it
Lidia STERPONE Technician lidia.sterpone@unito.it



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