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Food Hygiene Unit

Description of Research Activity 

Research activities involve several areas of interests in food hygiene by means of traditional microbiology, molecular biology and chemical analysis.

Current research activities are focused on:

  • development of innovative biomolecular techniques for animal species identification in dairy products, raw and canned food;
  • study of the microflora in milk and dairy products by means of metagenomics approach;
  • development of biomolecular techniques for the traceability of poultry chain;
  • detection of mycotoxins and biogenic amines in food of animal origin and bromatological composition;
  • development of novel biomolecular tests for the identification of major zoonotic parasites, foodborne pathogens, spoilage and beneficial bacteria;
  • determination of the major risk factors involved in the dissemination of zoonotic parasites among animals at farm level;
  • study of the prevalence of persistent bacterial strains and zoonotic parasites in animals, food and food production environments;
  • investigation of the distribution of pathogenic and spoilage bacterial across different sources by means of biomolecular subtyping methods;
  • determination of bacterial genetic determinants for resistance to sanitizers and their link with antimicrobial resistance. 


Staff of the Unit

Tiziana CIVERA Full Professor tiziana.civera@unito.it
Maria Teresa BOTTERO Associate Professor mariateresa.bottero@unito.it
Alessandra DALMASSO Associate Professor alessandra.dalmasso@unito.it
Auxilia GRASSI Associate Professor auxilia.grassi@unito.it
Francesco CHIESA Assistant Professor  francesco.chiesa@unito.it
Sara LOMONACO Assistant Professor sara.lomonaco@unito.it
Daniele PATTONO Assistant Professor daniele.pattono@unito.it
Patrizia MORRA Technician patrizia.morra@unito.it


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