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Clinical Veterinary Surgery Unit

Research Activity of the Surgery Section

Large animals surgery (Prof. L. Zarucco, Dr. A. Bertuglia, Dr. M. Gandini). Ongoing research focuses currently on:

  • New treatments of idiopathic flexural limb deformities in foals including minimally invasive procedures. This ongoing project includes: the validation of 3D muscle volume estimates with different diagnostic modalities, studies on muscle architecture in forelimb muscles of normal and pathological foals and the development of a musculoskeletal computer modeling of the foal forelimb for teaching and research purposes.
  • Pain management: development of new techniques for continuous perineural blockade in the equine forelimb for pain management.
  • Equine orthopedics and biomechanics: currently the group is working on many specific topics on joint pathology (early detection of osteoarthritis with cytokines, cross-talk between sub-chondral bone and cartilage during joint pathology, Interleukin Receptor Antagonist protein for joints therapy) and tendon regeneration (platelet-regenerative-growth-factors to repair collagen injuries). Lameness investigation researches focus on harness Standardbred racehorses. 
  • Equine colic surgery: research on new techniques in abdominal open and minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery in domestic animals.

Small animal soft tissue surgery and oncology (Prof. Paolo Buracco, Dr. M. Martano, Dr. E. Morello, Dr. Cordero, Dr. Gattino)

  • Small animal oncology: the group is currently working on the development of a vaccine against canine oral malignant melanoma, and a clinical trial in cooperation with the Molecular Biotechnology Center of the University of Turin is ongoing. Other lines of research include the treatment of feline injection-site sarcomas, in collaboration with the Dipartimento di Scienze Anatomiche Umane Fisiopatologia dell’Apparato Locomotore - Fisiopatologia Ortopedica e Medicina Rigenerativa of Bologna and with the Advanced Imaging Section of this Department, and the treatment of canine lymphoma, in cooperation with other Italian and European Institutions. The group has also been working on the treatment of canine appendicular osteosarcoma for the last 20 years, especially on limb salvage techniques.
  • In the field of soft tissue surgery the research is oriented mainly on reconstructive and oncologic surgery.

Small animal orthopedics (Prof. B. Peirone, Dr. A. Boero, Dr. M. Olimpo, Dr. L. Piras)

  • The orthopedic research is addressed on fracture repair techniques, and the main project is an in vitro study about the “Effect of screw number on fatigue life of the locking mechanism in 5 different angle stable systems”, with the goal to evaluate the effect of screw number on fatigue life of the locking mechanism. The project is developed in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico of Turin, and its final goal is to provide guidelines regarding the number of locking screws required to achieve adequate fracture stability related to each locking system included in the study.
  • Another research topic is on surgical deformity correction; on this subject the group has an ongoing project about description and evaluation of clinical application of a Deformity Reduction Device (DRD) jig in dogs affected by distal femoral and antebrachial deformity, and on the accuracy of evaluation of bone deformity by means of DRD jig compared to Slocum jig.

Small animal Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Neurosurgery (Prof. A. Valazza, Dr. F. Sammartano)

  • In the Neurosurgery field the main research topics involve:- histopathology of the canine intervertebral disk (in collaboration with Dr. M. T. Capucchio)- surgical treatment of canine spinal instability (wobbler syndrome, lumbosacral stenosis) with distraction/fusion techniques.
  • In the advanced diagnostic imaging field the group has a research project about CT assessment of feline injection-site sarcomas (in collaboration with Dr. M. Martano), and a study on the development of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) as vehicles of antineoplastic drugs to improve the pharmacological glioblastoma therapy in collaboration with Dr. M. T. Capucchio.

Exotic and wild animals (Dr. M. Mauthe von Degerfeld)

  • Identification of anesthetic/analgesic protocols for diagnostic/surgical procedures or field immobilization of exotic and wild animals (mammals, birds, reptiles). The research is aimed at the setting of anesthetic protocols helpful in the remote drug delivery for chemical immobilization of free-ranging terrestrial mammals.

 Staff of the Unit

Paolo BURACCO Full Professor paolo.buracco@unito.it
Emanuela MORELLO Associate Professor emanuela.morello@unito.it
Bruno PEIRONE Associate Professor bruno.peirone@unito.it
Alberto VALAZZA Associate Professor alberto.valazza@unito.it
Laura ZARUCCO Associate Professor laura.zarucco@unito.it
Andrea BERTUGLIA Assistant Professor andrea.bertuglia@unito.it
Marco GANDINI Assistant Professor marco.gandini@unito.it
Marina MARTANO Assistant Professor marina.martano@unito.it
Mitzy MAUTHE VON DEGERFELD Assistant Professor mitzy.mauthe@unito.it
Anna PILONE Assistant Professor anna.pilone@unito.it
Giuseppe PIROMALLI Assistant Professor giuseppe.piromalli@unito.it
Maria Grazia POLETTO Technician mariagrazialucia.poletto@unito.it


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