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Clinical Veterinary Medicine Unit

Description of Research Activity 

Below are shown the main lines of research of the Section:


  • Acquired heart disease in dogs (chronic degenerative mitral valve disease and dilated cardiomyopathy): natural history, electrocardiography  and echocardiography.
  • Evaluation of performances and markers of exercise-induced stress in horses
  • Viral myocarditis in dogs

Clinical Pathology

  • Application of flow cytometric methods in veterinary field (livestock, pets and laboratory animals)
  • Hematopoietic neoplasms: morphologic, molecular and flow cytometric characterization. Cytological classification, PARR and immunophenotype, proliferative activity, DNA content /ploidy and apoptosis are studied in leukemias and lymphomas in order to evaluate their usefulness in diagnosis, staging and prognosis
  • Cytological approaches in veterinary oncology
  • Study of coagulation disorders in some animal species (dog and cow) by using the Thromboelastometry 

Emergency and Critical Care

  • Study of changes in oncotic pressure in dogs and therapeutic effectiveness of colloidal solutions in different pathologies

Internal Medicine

  • Clinical and clinico-pathological characterization of dogs affected by protein-losing enteropathy
  • Comparison among different canine populations suffering from adverse reaction to food, antibiotic-responsive enteropathy and steroid-responsive enteropathy
  • Feline chronic enteropathies
  • Clinical and clinico-pathological features of dogs affected by deep systemic mycosis
  • Metabolic consequences of intermittent hypoxia in brachycephalic dogs
  • Development of diagnostic diagram for rapid field assessment of acidosis severity in diarrheic calves
  • Clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic approach to canine leishmaniosis


  • Transmissible  Spongiform Encephalopathy in Bovine
  • Transmissible  Spongiform Encephalopathy in Small Ruminants
  • Bovine Cerebrospinal fluid storage technic
  • Bovine Seizures disorders
  • Otitis Media-Interna in calves


  • Ophtalmic echography in small animals eye diseases
  • Morphologic and dimensional aspects of normal and pathologic adrenal gland in the dog

Welfare and Behavioural Medicine

  • Assessment of welfare in cows housed in compost-bedded pack
  • Clinical pharmacologic correlation in aggressive dogs treated with fluoxetine


Staff of the Unit

Aurelio CAGNASSO Full Professor aurelio.cagnasso@unito.it
Alberto TARDUCCI Full Professor alberto.tarducci@unito.it
Claudio BELLINO Associate Professor claudio.bellino@unito.it
Antonio D'ANGELO Associate Professor antonio.dangelo@unito.it
Fulvio RIONDATO Associate Professor fulvio.riondato@unito.it
Renato ZANATTA Associate Professor renato.zanatta@unito.it
Antonio BORRELLI Assistant Professor antonio.borrelli@unito.it
Paola GIANELLA Assistant Professor paola.gianella@unito.it
Barbara MINISCALCO Assistant Professor barbara.miniscalco@unito.it



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