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Anatomy of Domestic Animals Unit

Main research themes

1) Functional Neuroanatomy of nociceptive pathways in spinal cord. We are interested in understanding the functional neuroanatomy of the spinal nociceptive pathways, with emphasis on the biological effects of neuropeptides and growth factors on synaptic transmission at the interface between first and second order sensory neurons in lamina II (substantia gelatinosa—SG) of dorsal horn.

2) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of naturally occurring neuronal death in central neurons. We currently work on the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating naturally occurring neuronal death (NOND) in post-natal brain, with particular attention on cerebellum.

3) Adult neurogenesis in Mammals: cellular, molecular and neuroanatomical correlates of the genesis of new neurons in the adult mammalian brain. Study of neural stem cells and progenitors within the mature nervous tissue with particular reference to comparative aspects of structural plasticity among mammalian species.

4) Morpho-functional studies on the cardiovascular system and on the animal organs and synthetic materials that can be used in artificial organs for man created the competence that lead to the establishment of the academic spin-off Life and Device which is a service provider, specialized in studies on cardiovascular implantable prosthesis, artificial organs and, more widely, on biological interfaces. Life and Device operates in the industry of analysis laboratories, and provides customers with a wide range of services:

  • Assists manufacturers of biological and syntetic prostheses in compliance and safety controls both in preclinical development and in clinical diagnosis phases.
  • Performs biocompatibilty studies.
  • Analyses explanted devices carrying on the most appropriate procedures.
  • Offers the implementation and reporting of histopatological slides from biopsies and autopsies performed by veterinarians

 Staff of the Unit

Adalberto MERIGHI Full Professor adalberto.merighi@unito.it
Luca BONFANTI Associate Professor luca.bonfanti@unito.it
Marco GALLONI Associate Professor marco.galloni@unito.it
Laura LOSSI Associate Professor laura.lossi@unito.it
Sergio BELLARDI Assistant Professor sergio.bellardi@unito.it
Claudia CASTAGNA Assistant Professor claudia.castagna@unito.it
Francesco FERRINI Assistant Professor francesco.ferrini@unito.it
Chiara SALIO Assistant Professor chiara.salio@unito.it
Patrizia AIMAR Technician patrizia.aimar@unito.it
Cristina VIGNOLINI Technician cristina.vignolini@unito.it


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